Sunday, February 19, 2006

Tammy NYP

A stolen handphone video of a young couple having sex is circulated through blogs, forums, and word-of-mouth.

For a few days, the phrase "Tammy NYP" and its variations take over Technorati's top searches, causing foreign bloggers to write about this phenomenon.


Contributed by Yuhui.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Youth.SG Mystery Blogger contest

Youth.SG, a blog targeted at young Singaporeans, runs a Mystery Blogger contest.

Those who guess the correct answer are entered into a draw for a 4-day/3-night travel package to Melbourne for two. The first five persons to submit correct entries also stand to win a $100 Heeren shopping voucher each.

The closing date is 23 February 2006.

Update: 1 March 2006

The mystery blogger is revealed to be Ronald Susilo, national badminton player and Youth.SG ambassador 2006.

Contributed by Yuhui.

SG Rally

SG Rally: The Singapore Elections Rally Archive launches to aggregate amateur reports of elections and party rallies.

Contributors are encouraged to upload their recordings to Google Video. The links to these recordings should then be sent to SG Rally for posting.

Contributed by Yuhui.